Nice to meet you. I'm Julie Russo Ryan.


I’m a digital product designer interested in big-picture problem solving and delightful design.

I’ve been designing experiences for the past 8 years, specializing in small businesses and multi-sided marketplaces.

What I do

My area of expertise lies in user experience design, but I tailor my toolkit depending on the unique scope of each project.

My Design Philosophy

People, not just users

Our customers are more than just numbers on a graph. They have their own passions, interests, family and friends - an entire life beyond their interactions with our products. I design with empathy for the individual.

Understand the full story

When it comes to asking people what they think, oftentimes I find that people will say one thing, and do the complete opposite. That’s why I aim to uncover the full story from all perspectives. Whenever possible, I make sure to gather both attitudinal and behavioral insights, along with qualitative and quantitative metrics.

Don't forget the physical

Clicking, scrolling and zooming on screens is how people engage with our digital products. However, we can never forget to design the physical touch points throughout the experience, like chatting with customer service or receiving a package to their front door.

My Process

Uncover the problem

Whenever possible, I talk with customers and analyze any available data, like conversion metrics or heat maps, to target in on the root of the problem.

Design the solution

From concept to high-fidelity prototype, I design every detail of the user flow, access points, interactions and component behaviors.

Bring it to life

I collaborate with product managers, stakeholders, and engineers early and often and see the development all the way through quality assurance.

Measure success

I define measures of success during the initial scope and make sure to review and track after pushing the product live, so we can iterate as needed.

What my colleagues say